Top 20 Online Swim Gear Store

Are you looking for the best deals for swim gear?

Always find yourself searching for “swim gear stores near me”?

There are so many online stores which you can get swim gear and apparatus from. But the problem is that locating all of them in one place is quite difficult.

Search engines are great but they don’t always list sites as neatly or orderly as you will like.

Well not to worry, because in this article, I took the time to research all the stores and list all of them out for you.

I spent a lot of time researching and checking out this websites

Overtime, I created a handy spreadsheet of online swim gear stores

Seeing as it's a valuable resource to me, I figured other people might as well get access to this massive list.

You might want to bookmark this page and refer back to it. As other new stores come up, I will continue to update this list

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Ultimate List of The Top Online Swim Gear Store

1. Amazon - 

As you very well know, Amazon is the biggest online store online right now. They sell almost everything with an awesome section on swim gear and accessories

Amazon is definitely an online store you want to check out daily as you can get deals and discounts on so many products there.

Another major advantage of Amazon is the huge amount of reviews and  quality advice you get from other real buyers

Even if you have no intention of buying anything, the customer reviews are worth their weight in gold for any item you consider buying..

2. SwimOutlet

They offer a wide range of swim gear for men, women and kids. They have a dedicated swim blog with high quality articles. 

They offer free shipping on orders above $50 and free 1 -2 days shipping on orders over $99.

They have a dedicated live chat feature on their site with staff to help you navigate and make informed buying decisions.

They stock a wide array of the top brands and you are definitely sure to get whatever product you are looking for.

Still thinking of checking them out? They have a refer a friend and get $10 free policy.

3. SwimINN - 

They offer a wide variety of swim gear online. One of their major advantages is that they have the lowest prices you can find online.

They stock over 700k products and have access to over 1700 brands

Their website is well designed and easy to navigate with a New Products, Bestsellers and Brands feature on the top menu.

They have everything you need to become a better swimmer for men, women and kids

They have dedicated social media channels which you can use to get in touch with them and also stay up to date with what’s happening.

You can check them out online or download their app on your phone.

4. Swim200 - 

This online store stocks a wide array of swim gear and products. They ship worldwide and offer free shipping on orders above $49.

They have gear and swim clothing for men, women and kids and their customer service is absolutely top notch.

Recently, they started a 1.5% cash back program which helps you save more and pay less for your favorite swim gear.

With their swim team program, you can also create your own personalized swim shop and start selling.

Notw: This is for people who would like to make a few extra bucks by selling swim gear.

5. SimplySwim 

This is an awesome online swim gear shop located in the UK

They have a wide range of products for men, women and kids

They offer free shipping for items bought over 30 pounds.

They offer sales almost all year round so if you are looking for discount prices then you definitely need to check them out.

They have awesome customer support and from reading the reviews on their site, I can say that they treat their customers right.

One thing I really like about this store is their help section. They have a detailed help section on their website, where they give you advice on how to pick the different types of swim gear that they stock.

6. Speedo - 

The popular swimwear brand also have their own online store where they sell their products.

So if you are looking to buy just speedo brand, then this is the perfect place for you.

When you get on the site, you are offered 10% discount for providing your email address.

They have awesome and popular gears for men, women and kids

They also have a dedicated blog where they provide useful and in depth articles on how to improve your swimming.

If you are a beginner and are looking for swim videos, tips and advice, they also have you covered.

You can sign up on their website to get info to the latest tutorials and information on how to become a better swimmer.

7. ProSwimWear - 

This is another UK online swimwear store with awesome products and gears.

Flashing right across their homepage is the Matching Price banner. With this you can be sure of getting the best deals.

They have gear for men, women and kids

They stock a wide range of products with lots of brand names

They have excellent customer service, which is proudly displayed on their website

The site is well designed and the navigation buttons are very easy to follow

They run weekly deals on their site which helps you buy quality swim gear at an even more reduced price.

8. EverythingButWater - 

This is a swimwear online store that displays very fashionable and chic swimsuits mainly for ladies.

They stock swimsuits of different brands and designers to give you that chic and fashion look.

If you are looking for awesome swimsuits, then this is the online store for you.

They have swimwears and accessories and they offer a 25% off when you purchase online or from their stores.

9. - 

This is an online store that sells sports and fitness equipments and not just swim gear only.

They have a lot of gear and accessories for men, women and kids

They have coupon codes and free shipping offers to helps you save more money while getting quality products

On some products, you get as much as 60% off when you purchase this select items.

If you prefer buying from their physical stores, they have easy to find store locators on their site to help you out.

10. Swim Shop - 

A Uk based swim gear shop since 1980, this store has continued to deliver top quality swimwear and accessories.

They have leisure wear, goggles, swim wear and accessories for men, women and kids

They also have a dedicated specialist section and blog that helps you become a better swimmer or if you are just looking for more information.

Their clearance sales are always on giving you the opportunity to get more gear at a ridiculously low price.

Their Youtube channel also provides you with in depth review of products and gear which they stock.

11. Swimco - 

This canadian online swim shop offers free Canadian shipping for orders above 100 Canadian dollars.

They have various swim products for men, women and kids

Although looking like a small store, they have a wide range of products and their customer service is of the highest quality.

12. - 

This swim shop has been active since 1982 has a wide range of quality products for swimming.

They offer free shipping on orders over $49

They have some of the highest quality goggles, swimsuits and floaters for men, women and kids.

Looking for a place where you can get your swim gear easily and with any hassles of other big stores, then check out this guys here

13. Sylvia’s Swimwear -  

This online swim shop stock the latest and stylish swim wears you can find.

They have a wide range of products for men, women and kids

They offer free shipping on orders above $75

They have a well designed website, with very easy navigation and the customer service is simply awesome

14. - 

This is another swim shop located in Canada. Asides the usual swim gear and accessories, they also have nutrition ideas, gift ideas and swim shampoos for clear skin.

They have running deals where you get 50 to 90 percent off on selected items

They also have free shipping coupons on orders over 100 Canadian dollars

15. All American Swim - 

The All American swim online shop has some very distinguishing features - Lowest Price Guarantee, Fast Shipping and No Hassle Returns.

They have a wide range of products for water aerobics, fitness and strength training. All this is to help you become a better swimmer.

They also have sales which they run always to get you too save and buy more quality products.

All in all this is a well designed website with very easy to navigate buttons

16. Djsports - 

This online shop has some of the best selection of swimsuits, water aerobics swim wear, swim goggles and fitness equipment.

They have a wide range of swim gear and products for men, ladies and kids.

They offer free shipping for order over $65

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