How to listen to music while swimming: Complete Guide

I love listening to music

Its soothing, its energizing and it can take my moods from zero to 100 really fast

Another thing I like doing very well is swimming…

It's a very good and healthy exercise and it helps me stay in shape

So this got me thinking

Is there anyway I can listen to music while swimming?

How can I put my headphones on while underwater?

Are there any water resistant earphones?

I decided to do some research and see what I can come up with

In this article I will be answering all your questions about swimming and listening to music, the types of headphones that are ideal for this and how to ensure you get the best when making a purchase.

How to listen to music while swimming? Here is your answer

Most people are very comfortable listening to music while running, jogging or cycling

But when it comes to swimming, there is usually a slight hesitation to take any device into the pool

What if the water messes it up and it completely goes bad?

I am here to tell you that due to the huge improvements in technology, you can comfortably carry an MP3 player into the pool without any issues

Here are 3 major devices that you can use to listen to music while swimming

1. MP3 Player

This is a waterproof MP3 player that you can easily use while underwater

Here is the best waterproof MP3 player for swimming

It is the Finis Duo

It is made of bone conduction audio transmission which delivers amazingly clear audio signals while underwater

It supports MP3 and WMA audio formats and its is compatible with iTunes and other audio players

It has 4gb of storage which can store about a 1000 songs or 60 hours of playback

It comes with an integrated clip design which comfortably secures the device on your cheeks so it does not fall off while swimming

Basically the `Finis Duo is the perfect fit for swimmers who want to enjoy clear quality music while underwater without any issues

2. Waterproof Headphones

Next on the list of devices you can use while swimming underwater is the waterproof headphones

Waterproof headphones for swimming are designed to fit securely in your ears while the flexible and soft plastic frames push out to cover the space to create a watertight seal

Here is my top pick - The Underwater Audio iPod shuffle.

This device comes with short cord headphones that are waterproof and delivers exceptional audio quality.

It is made from high quality materials making it ideal for use underwater and very durable

The high and mid sounds are crisp and clear with awesome treble and bass range giving you that exceptional listening experience while swimming

It boasts of 15 hour battery life, holds multiple songs, features a voice over button and supports hundreds of playlists easily

3. Waterproof case

The final option is to get a waterproof case and enclose your smartphone or MP3 player in it.

There are lots of waterproof cases which you can choose from out there, but the one I recommend is this guys, Drycase.

They have lots of unique and high quality cases which you can use to protect your phones and devices underwater.

Are there Headphones for Swimming?

Most definitely

There are lots of very good headphones which you can use for swimming

The Waterfi waterproof headphones will definitely meet and exceed your expectations.

They are well built, performs extremely well and delivers exceptional audio quality.

Can I listen to music while swimming with the Apple Watch?

While there are many devices you can use to listen to music while swimming, the Apple watch is one of such.

The Apple watch Series 2 is a sure bet for use while swimming

As a swimmer it has a 50 meter water resistance and swim workout tracking built in.

This helps you easily track your progress and also swim with ease

Here is a more detailed article that talks more in depth about what you need to know swimming with the Apple Watch

Can you use Bluetooth underwater?

This is one question that a lot of swimmers have been asking lately

Recently, BOSE a huge audio company made that possible with the latest audio headphones which they developed

As a solution, Underwater Audio have designed a small, waterproof Android based audio called the Delphin and a pair of waterproof bluetooth earphones, called the Swimbuds Earphones

It can be easily clipped to the back of your swim goggles where the bluetooth signal is very strong

This would enable you as a swimmer to enjoy the same wireless experience a runner will have will using his own music.

Unfortunately as at the time of writing this article, both devices are still in the crowdfunding stages.

If we hear anything new, we will definitely update this article and let you know.

Can I swim with ipx7 Headphones?

One thing about headphones is that they come with an ipx rating

What this means is that the higher the ipx rating the more likely it is for swimming underwater

A headphone with an ipx7 rating will be better used underwater than one with a rating of say ipx6 or ipx5

So yes, you can definitely swim with an ipx7 headphones

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