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Top 20 Online Swim Gear Store

Are you looking for the best deals for swim gear? Always find yourself searching for “swim gear stores near me”? There are so many online stores which you can get swim gear and apparatus from. But the problem is that locating all of them in one place is quite difficult. Search engines are great but they don’t always […]

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Top 10 Polarised Swim Goggles in 2019

A few months ago, I needed to get a new swim goggles The old one was still okay but I realised that most times while around the pool area, the glare reflecting off the surface of the water was causing me some level of discomfort. Polarized swim goggles have become very popular especially among swimmers who need […]

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Top 10 Swim Goggles with Nose Covers in 2019

A few months ago, after perfecting my swimming skills, I decided to look for a better challenge. What did I come up with? Underwater swimming At first it was a huge challenge and I was prepared to push myself to the limit and see what I come up with I remember the first time I dove underwater and tried […]

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The Best Sunscreen for Swimming in 2019

Wearing sunscreen daily is very important And if you are a swimmer or you do any type of outdoor sports then you know that applying sunscreen is even more important The other day, I was speaking with a dermatologist and I got to asking her common questions like which is the “best sunscreen for swimming?”, “how do […]

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Swim Workouts: How to become a better swimmer

As a swimmer or someone just learning how to swim, swim workouts are extremely important. Why? Simply because like anything in life, practice makes perfect You need to put in the work otherwise you just might end up being average or worse a mediocre swimmer. I have been a strong believer of the 10,000 hours rule. This is a study […]

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