How to Stop Your Swim Goggles from Fogging

As a swimmer, the one thing I find very frustrating is having my goggles steam up while swimming.

Really frustrating and annoying

When it happens during a training session it can completely disrupt your rhythm and movement

Even worse is when it happens during a race, you completely lose track of your bearings and if care is not taken it might cause you the race.

We certainly cannot do without our swim goggles, so is there an easy way to stop them from fogging up?

The answer is YES. There are a number of ways and products which you can use to stop your goggles from fogging up while swimming

In this article, we will be looking at them

What Causes Swim Goggles to Fog?

To understand how to go about preventing it from happening, we need to look at what causes it to happen in the first place.

According to science, the thing that causes your goggles to fog is what is referred to as condensation.

Simply put, this is a phase transition of matter that occurs when water vapor contained in hot, humid air comes in contact with a cold surface.

This means that the air inside your swim goggles will start to increase due to your body heat and then your body heat starts to rise as a result of the increased athletic exertion.

Also perspiration and sweat starts to form around your eyes which further increases the humidity of the goggle.

All this happens while the cold water outside causes the goggles to cool off. As water vapor comes in contact with your cool swim goggles, it reaches it saturation point causing water droplets to form during a process known as deposition.

How to Stop Your Swim Goggles from Fogging

6 Ways To Prevent Your Goggles from Fogging

1. Choose Anti-fog Goggles

The simplest and easiest way which you can get started is by getting an anti fog goggles.

For example, this one from comes highly recommended with a lot of positive user reviews

This is because most of the modern goggles being produced today have been manufactured with modern advanced technology that helps them stay anti fog.

Also some of them come with special anti fog coating that will help prevent them from steaming up midway through your swim

One thing you should remember is that you want to take care of your goggles properly. The coating on them usually gets scratched or broken if not properly taken care of.

What I suggest is that you carry them in a carry case or a specialist swim bad. These bags have padded sides that helps protect them from scratches and breaks.

2. Saliva

Yes you heard me right, the human saliva is very effective when it comes to getting rid of fog on your swim goggles.

By spitting on your lens before a swim and rubbing it around the rim of the lens, you create what is called a surfactant.

What this does is that your spit helps stop moisture particles from connecting with each other on the lens of your goggles which then helps to slow down the ability of fog to form.

So make sure you that natural God given anti fog method next time you want to swim.

3. Baby shampoo or hair conditioner

If you are not a fan of spitting on your lenses every time, then you just might consider using baby shampoo or a hair conditioner

What this does is that it leaves tiny films on your lenses which stops it from fogging next time you use it.

My advice to you is to jump into the shower after every swim and very gently rub some hair conditioner on the inside of your swim goggle.

4. Use an anti fog spray

Using an anti fog spray is actually the best recommendation for preventing this from ever happening.

There are a number of anti fog sprays for use with swimming goggles which have been specially formulated to ensure clear vision for the duration of your swim session.

For example check out this one on with a lot of positive user reviews and feedback.

To use such anti fog sprays, all you need to do is spray it into you lens and then rinse out before using.

Make sure you rinse it out properly so it does not get into your eyes while swimming.

5. Toothpaste

Another common and local available anti fog mixture is toothpaste. Most professional swimmers like to carry around a tube of toothpaste.

This is because toothpaste has been known to work wonders in ensuring clear vision on your lens while swimming.

Rubbing a thick layer of toothpaste on the lens of your goggles will prevent any condensation from forming on them.

6. Splash your face

Like I explained earlier, fogging occurs as a result of steam from the heat of your face meeting the cool outer temperature.

To combat this, it is advisable to splash your face a few times with cold water before swimming.

This will cool your face down a bit so there is not much reaction between the cold and hot surface when the come in contact.

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