The Best Swim Goggles for Laps – 2018 Reviews and Top Picks

Swimming laps is a great activity for all round fitness and it also helps to give you an edge over others.

Swimming laps is an excellent activity and has been proven to have a lot of health benefits, such as improving your well being and making you smarter.

The first time I tried swimming laps in a pool, I realized that it was a much different game than that I was used to.

One thing that I noticed was that a lot of the people in the pool had one form of special swim goggles.

From the cool kids at the far end to the portly old lady taking it slow and steady, they had one type of swim goggles.

Well, I decided to do some investigation and come up with my own best swim goggles for laps in the market today.

In this article, I will be showing you the top 5, things to look out before you make a purchase and answers to some frequently asked questions I got from users of this device.



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best swim goggles for competition

Speedo Fs3 Elite Mirrored Swim Goggles

  • Anti Fog and UV protection
  • Hydroscopic lens for wide vision
  • Fit goggle strap

Speedo MDR 2.4 Goggles

  • Gasket shape for security and reliability
  • ClearSight technology for improved visibility

Aqua Sphere Michael Phelps Xceed Swimming Goggles

  • Anti Fog and UV protection
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Quick nose-bridge replacement

Barracuda Swim Goggle BLISS

  • High quality anti fog and UV protection lenses
  • flexible soft frame
  • Rubber head straps with easy to adjust side clips

Speedo Vanquisher Optical Swim Goggle

  • PVC and latex free
  • Anti fog and UV protection
  • Excellent corrective lenses for swimming

What is Lap Swimming?

Lap swimming is simply a more organized way of swimming in a pool with clear lanes and demarcations

It is designed for more organized swimming up and down the length of the pool repeatedly

This is usually how it is set up for more competitive swim meets and for people who want to exercise regularly.

Most times, people confuse lap swimming with recreational swimming

The major difference is that recreational swimming pools do not have any set lines or lanes while lap swimming does not.

How to Swim Laps For Exercise

If you desire to use swimming to improve your fitness, then you definitely need to read this section.

Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular and muscle strengthening exercise that helps you workout your full body without placing any stress on your joints and ankles

Here are a few tips to help you go from swimming beginner to advanced in less time

  • Ensure you balance yourself properly by pressing your chest into the water. This will help elevate your hips closer to the surface of the water.
  • Always propel yourself forward while swimming using your preferred swim stroke. For most people, the crawl or freestyle stroke is efficient and a bit strenuous while for others they prefer the sidestroke and breast stroke.
  • Always dip your hands and push them into the water each time you perform a stroke. This will help reduce resistance and drag while swimming. According to the Department of Kinesiology and Health, you want it to feel like you are climbing water ladder with your hands.
  • Roll your body from side to side as you swim. This helps you cover more distance as you swim
  • As you roll your body from side to side, inhale and exhale. This breathing technique is ideal for easier and faster movement while swimming
  • Tuck your legs in to your belly as you reach the side of the pool. This simple hack helps gives you the needed push and thrust you need to start the next lap.
  • Push off the side of the pool with your feet while tilting your body to one side as you do so.

Lap Swimming Etiquette

While lap swimming there are some tips and behaviors you need to abide by to make sure it is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

  • Pick the lane that matches your level of speed and endurance. You don’t want to slow more advanced swimmers with your slow speed and vice versa
  • Make sure you properly indicate before you overtake a swimmer. This usually involves gently tapping them on the feet or leg before overtaking. Another added advantage of this is to prevent being kicked accidentally in the head while swimming
  • When taking a rest, ensure that you move well away from the path of other swimmers.
  • Always swim on the right side of the lane. This is called circle swimming and it helps you avoid other swimmers while in the water

The Best Swim Goggles For Laps

1. Speedo Fs3 Elite Mirrored Swim Goggles - For Serious Competitors

best swim goggles for competition

This is without doubt the highest quality swim goggles for a professional swimmer.

Developed as part of the the world's first racing system, the cap, the suit and the goggles all work in harmony to ensure a smooth and truly awesome experience.

It has anti fog and UV protection features which makes it ideal for underwater and competitive swimming.

It has a unique hydroscopic lens with an ergonomic shape which gives you wide range of vision when used.

It has a 3D goggle seal which is designed for real head and face contours. What this means is that, this product is specially designed with the users in mind that it can fit any shape or head size.

It comes with an improved seal leak resistance which ensures that water does not get into your eyes when used.

It is latex free and has a unique goggle strap which eliminates dangling strap ends.

It has a striking mirror lense which helps to reduce bright lights and glare.

It is approved  and FINA approved for swimming competitions.



  • Anti fog and UV protection
  • Hydroscopic lens for improved vision
  • Very light and comfortable
  • Does not break easily
  • The nose piece is a bit big and might cause some pain if used for extended period
  • Should not be used if you have long lashes

2. Speedo MDR 2.4 Goggles - Best for easy fit

This unique swim goggles comes with an elastomeric technology that helps reduce the pressure around your eyes.

This makes it ideal for competitive swimming and also for long period of time.

It has clear lenses and is made with a unique clearsight technology that offers extended vision without distortion.

It has flexible dual density TPR frame which ensures that it does not break easily

Its comfortable liquid silicone seals and straps makes it very tight fitting on your face  and ideal for extended use.

Its clearsight technology also ensures that you do not have eye fatigue when being used

It has anti fog and UV protection and it is 100% latex free.



  • It has anti fog and UV protection
  • Trademark clearsight technology gives you clear vision and sight when swimming
  • It is very light and does not break easily
  • It has superior frame and very comfortable
  • It is a bit fragile and should be handled with care
  • Also the straps tend to break easily when used for extended period

3. Aqua Sphere Michael Phelps Xceed Swimming Goggles - Editor’s choice

Made by the professional swimmer, Michael Phelps, these are awesome swim goggles for competition.

Made as part of his MP collection, their impressive performance reflects the explosive power of one of the most decorated swimmers of our time.

It has a unique 180 degrees curve lens which gives it a panoramic vision for better vision while swimming.

Its patented EXO core frame gives it a unique flexibility that fits correctly on your face without any issues

It comes with optimum titanium mirrored lenses that helps deflect glare and sunlight

These are FINA approved swim goggles that are ideal for swim competitions.



  • 180 degrees panoramic vision for clear sight
  • Unique flexibility make it a perfect fit on your face
  • It has anti fog and UV protection
  • It’s mirrored lenses help reduce glare and sunlight
  • Bad delivery service on the part of the seller

4. Barracuda Swim Goggle BLISS - Best for optimal comfort

This particular swim goggles has a one piece frame for a comfortable and easy fit.

It has a high quality anti fog and UV resistance lenses that makes it awesome for crystal clear vision.

This makes it ideal for underwater swimming where you need to have clear vision.

Its unique soft and tacky silicone frames makes it a comfortable fit on your face without any external pressure.

It is also designed with a unique water diversion frame which helps to direct water to the side and away from your face. This keeps water and chemicals away from your face allowing you to swim free.

It has easy to adjust side clips which helps keep the goggles in place without them falling off.

It comes with a free carry case which is good for keep it from dust and scratches.



  • It has a one piece frame for comfort and easy fit
  • It has anti fog and UV protection
  • It has clear lenses for ideal vision
  • Easy to adjust side clips
  • The edges are a bit steep and might cut into your face
  • The curved lenses also cause a bit of blurry vision for some people while underwater

5. Speedo Vanquisher Optical Swim Goggle

This is the most popular swim goggles for competition in the market today.

Made by the well known and respected brand, Speedo, it is PVC and latex free.

It is an excellent corrective lens for either competitive or training situations

It comes with a custom diopter level which is designed to give you extra clarity underwater.

It has anti fog and UV protection

It has a unique hypoallergenic silicone seal for tight water seal.

It is PVC and latex free.

It has 4 interchangeable nose pieces which helps giving you options while swimming.



  • Ultra low profile design
  • High nose bridge for a custom fit
  • Panoramic lenses for wide and clear vision
  • It has anti fog and UV protection
  • The rubber part around the edges tends to break down quite easily
  • It is a bit fragile and might break easily

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many laps swimming is a mile?

The simple answer to this question is that it depends on two things: your definition of a mile and the length of your swimming pool.

Here is a handy tool which you can use to properly calculate.

2. What muscles does lap swimming work?

Swimming regularly works on the following muscles in your body.

They include your upper body, your core and your lower body.

Basically, swimming is a full body workout.

3. Is swimming laps better than running?

While this is a special topic for debate and it also has to do with personal preference.

There are people who prefer one over the other.

The only thing to know is that swimming is a full body workout and does not cause injuries to your ankles and joints.

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