Top 5 Anti Fog Swim Goggles – Ultimate Buying Guide

Swimming is a fun activity.

There are many health benefits you derive from swimming. And as either a professional swimmer or a beginner just learning how to swim, you definitely know that you need the right swimming gear.

Swimming goggles are very important while swimming because they help you judge the walls and also avoid other swimmers in the pool.

They also help to keep out chemicals and irritants which can cause irritation from getting into your eyes.

But one huge problem is  how do you get to pick out the best swim goggles to use.

While learning how to swim and trying to pick out a good swimming goggles, I went through a lot of them

Most of them were simply crap.

They had a lot of faults with them, like poor straps causing the goggles to always break and also fogging up a lot.

I spent quite a lot of money going through them to pick out the best swim goggles for different occasions.

In this article, I will be showing you the top 5 swim goggles which I have gone through, tips on how to ensure you make the best purchase and finally answers to questions people have about swim goggles.



Our Rating

Speedo Vanquisher Optical Swim Goggle

best anti fog swim goggles
  • Excellent corrective lenses for competitive and training purposes
  • Anti fog with UV protection
  • Silicone seal for water tight fit

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles

  • Clear lenses for maximum visibility in low light conditions
  • It provides 180 degree visibility.
  • Anti fog and scratch resitant

MP Michael Phelps XCEED Goggles

  • Anti fog lenses
  • Quick nose bridge replacement
  • Curved lenses technology for peripheral vision

Splaqua Prescription Swim Goggles

  • Very tight fit on your nose
  • Comes in a range of different prescription strengths
  • Free ear protection included

Aegend Swim Goggles

  • Anti Fog and UV protection
  • Snug fit which prevents leaking
  • Very comfortable and stylish

Anti Fog Swim Goggle Reviews

1. Speedo Vanquisher Optical Swim Goggle

This is a very popular swim goggles with a lot of positive user ratings on Amazon.

It is made of corrective lenses which helps eliminate the need for contact lenses while swimming. This is very useful as you definitely do not want to experience the trouble of having to wear contacts while swimming.

It’s lenses are made from shatterproof poly-carbonate which ensures that it does not easily break and lasts for a very long time

It has UV and anti-fog protection which is an awesome quality to have while swimming underwater.

This quality alone is worth the weight in gold as dealing with fog issues while swimming is a huge bore.

It has an ultra low profile design which helps reduce drag and also improves your performance while swimming.

It’s lenses are panoramic meaning that it provides maximum peripheral vision of over 25 degrees.

This panoramic vision is very helpful while swimming as it allows you easily see objects at your side without having to completely turn your head.

It has 4 interchangeable nose pieces which gives you so much options on what to choose.

It is PVC and latex free meaning that it can definitely last a long time without breaking.



  • It is shatterproof
  • It has UV and anti fog protection

  • It helps reduce drag and improves your performance

  • It has panoramic vision

  • The rubber part starts to break down after continuous usage and will need to be replaced.
  • There were a few complaints about the bridge cutting into some people’s nose.

2.  Aqua Sphere Kayenne Swim Goggles

These are awesome swim goggles made with lenses that provide clear visibility both indoors and outdoors.

It has an oversized and very durable plexisol lens that provides a 180 degree visibility when swimming.

As a swimmer you definitely know that this is an awesome quality to have. 180 degree visibility means that you do not need to move your head around much while swimming

It has a huge hydrodynamic mainframe made from hypoallergenic softeril that makes it very balanced and stable while being used.

It comes with a one touch and a quick fit buckle that makes adjustments very easy and stress free even while swimming.

This is something you definitely need to go for. I have had a few cases while swimming that my goggles came off.

It is nice to know that with this feature, you can easily fix it back and continue with the day’s business.

The lenses have anti fog and anti scratch features which makes them last very long.

The lenses are made to comfortably fit on the middle orbit of your eye socket. This eliminates racoon eye and ensure that the goggles are leak free.

It is lightweight and made from silicone strap which is ideal for comfort and durability.



  • It provides clear visibility both indoors and outdoors
  • It is lightweight and very durable
  • It is very comfortable and sits well
  • It has quick fix buckle for easy adjustments
  • Depending on the usage, it might start to leak easily
  • Also there were complaints that it tends to fog a lot

3. MP Michael Phelps XCEED Goggles

There will be no top swimming goggle without mentioning one from one of the greatest swimmers

Apparently made to the specifications of Michael Phelps, it has a curved lens which gives it a peripheral vision.

This is one awesome quality because it allows the user to see the pool walls and other swimmers with altering their head position.

As I said earlier, this is great while swimming because all that head turning can start to affect your neck after a while

It has an ergonomic and interchangeable nose bridge which allows the goggles to easily fit and sit on your nose

It has a compressed tiny gasket which is made from very soft softeril which helps provides a leak resistant seal and a very low profile design.

This is also super important because while swimming you want to avoid water and other chemicals from getting into your eyes.

It also has a low profile quick buckle adjustment strap which allows you to easily fix and adjust the straps as you swim.

It has a layered titanium metal coating which helps reduce sun glare and also helps with maximum visibility.

This is one swim goggle that is ideal for every condition and environment.



  • It has a curved lens which allows you have peripheral vision
  • It has a leak resistant seal which helps keep out water and chemicals from your eyes.
  • It helps reduce sun glare and improves visibility
  • It is lightweight and very durable with a quick fix buckle
  • It has thin strip of film on the inside which causes it to easily fog
  • The head straps are a bit loose and break easily
  • Some users complained that the goggles did not easily fit their faces.

4. Splaqua Prescription Swim Goggles

The Splaqua prescription swim goggles are also very popular among both professional and beginner swimmers alike.

It is made of silicone with adjustable fit which makes it secure and very comfortable while you focus on getting your stroke right.

It has protection against UV lights and anti fog making it ideal for people who want to simply enjoy their swimming.

It has the added benefits of being a corrective prescription goggles while also being very comfortable to use.

It is very safe and very comfortable and also very lightweight. This ensures that whatever happens you can be sure of using it for a very long time

It is available in a wide range of prescription - ranging from -150 to -1000, so you can be very sure that you will find what you are looking for.

It has added ear protection so that you are always protected from swimmer's ear.

By getting this product, you are protected with a 90 days money back guarantee which protects you in the event of a fault or breakage



  • It has adjustable fittings making it comfortable
  • It is a corrective prescription goggles
  • It is lightweight, durable and very comfortable
  • It has added ear plug for protection against swimmers ear
  • It is said to be too big to be used by women
  • It has a poor water seal which might lead to leakage
  • Some users complained of the seal breaking easily

5. Aegend Swim Goggles

This particular pair of swimming goggles is probably the most fun and easy to use goggle I have come across

No wonder it gets the all clear mark from Amazon by being the Editors Choice

It has a flexible silicone frame and gasket which makes it very comfortable to use.

It’s lenses are made from strong polycarbonate which makes it shatterproof.

One thing most swimmers have to contend with is the fact that their goggles tend to break easily.

With this particular bad boy, you can be sure of using those goggles for a very long time

It has UV and anti fog protection which increases your overall swimming experience a lot

It straps and buckle are made from the highest quality so you can be sure of easily taking it off and putting it back on without any stress.

It comes in different colors which all helps in reducing the amount of light that gets in to your eyes while swimming

This is especially important when you consider the fact that your need clear vision when underwater

This is one pair of goggles that can be used by men, women and children.



  • It is very comfortable and durable
  • It is made from strong materials making is less likely to break
  • It has UV light rays and anti fog protection
  • It is lightweight
  • Some users reported that the bands break easily. But this was not a big issue because their excellent customer service quickly replaced the product.

Buying Guide: How To Choose An Anti Fog Swim Goggle

Before you buy a new pair of swim goggles, there are a couple things you need to be aware of.

The thing is everyone wants a steal and no one wants to deal with the hassle of getting a new product every month. Here are the things to look out for.

1. Are they corrective lenses or not?

This is probably the most important thing to look out for before you make a purchase

You want to find out if the lenses are corrective or not

The good thing today is that most of the lenses out there in the market are all prescription swim goggles.

This makes it very easy for you especially if you use contact lenses.

By getting a pair that has your prescription you can easily skip this process and use it like that.

Also you want to make sure that the lenses are clear and not colored

While colored lenses might make you look cool, it is a whole different ball game when you get in the water.

2. You need to get the right frame for the right occasion

anti fog swim goggles

Next you want to make sure that you pick a pair with the right frames

Picking the right frames has to do with the kind of occasion, the goggles will be used for

So for example, are you using it simply for swimming as a hobby or in a competition

Basically you want to get a frame that is comfortable, not too loose and sits well on the bridge of your nose when in use.

Also the frame determines the durability of the product. So you want to get something that is durable and does not break easily.

3. Does it have UV rays and anti fog characteristics

This is a big one when deciding the type of swim goggles to go for.

Simply put UV light rays and fog are a swimmers nightmare.

Dealing with all that drama while also staying focused while swimming is usually a huge problem for most people

So you want to go for a product that takes care of all that for you while you concentrate on your swimming.

Lucky for you, all the products reviewed in this article, all have UV and anti fog protection

One thing you should know is that you simply do not want to get a product that does not have this protection in it.

4. How about the straps and buckle?

Have you ever had to deal with the stress of having your goggles slide of your face while swimming?

Not funny my friend…

So you want to make sure that whatever product you get has a tight fitting buckle and strap.

You need to check that is has simple, elastic and adjustable straps that allows you to easily take it off and wear it back.

Frequently Asked Questions - Swim Goggles

1. Are swimming goggles necessary?


If you ask me I will say they are the most important piece of equipment needed by a swimmer.


Because while swimming there are chemicals and other particles in the water

As a result you want to avoid those chemicals getting into your eyes while swimming

If they do it can cause serious irritation and discomfort.

As a result. You definitely need to get a product that also has tight straps and fittings.

2. Can I get prescription swimming goggles?

Yes you can…

Most goggles out there in the market today are mainly prescription goggles.

This is because most swimmers either had issues swimming with their contact lenses or they complained of poor vision while underwater

As a result prescription swim goggles were born.

You can get them from any store that sells swim gear, just make sure that it is the right prescription for your eyes.

3. Why are swimming goggles mirrored?

Mirrored swim goggles are dark tinted goggles that are best suited for outdoor frequent use or for competitions.

This is because this tine tends to dim everything around you making it very easy for you to see clearly.

Mirrored lenses are especially good for professionals in competition swimming.

4.  How to defog your swimming goggles?

In the event that your goggles get fog, here is a simple way to defog it

Using clean water and a piece of cloth wipe away the fog

Then gently rinse under running water until it is very clear.

You also want to ensure you do this regularly to keep your goggles clean and clear at all time.

Here are some simple tips you can use to reduce fog

  • Use your saliva around the glasses to prevent condensation from forming
  • Use a special anti fog spray
  • Use a baby shampoo to get a clear and fog free goggles
  • Wash your glasses everytime it fogs. Simply splash your goggles with water a few times before wearing them on
  • Avoid touching the lenses with your fingers as this helps to reduce the fog
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